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Julia Hastie

Pretoria Gauteng
(073) 6656319

Julia Hastie

Julia Hastie

Julia Hastie
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Julia Hastie (+)

Pretoria Gauteng

BodyTalk and CFT : helping the brain to heal the body, at its own pace and in its own order

BodyTalk & Craniosacral Fascial Therapy
General info

In my 9 years of practice as an Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, I have devleoped a deep respect for the innate healing ability of the body. The body and brain strive to protect us and support us, from injury, trauma and environmental stressors. Sometimes, however, these protective patterns become locked or stuck. By incorporating CranioSacralFasciaTherapy into my practise, I have seen this ability of the body to release tensions and restrictions, whether inherited or as a result of birth trauma, accident or injury, simply and effectively.

During a treatment, I have two questions for the body, as I hold the head, or other body part.... What is the priority?  and  What is ready to unwind?   The body and brain know the answer! It is my job to simply listen, and follow, holding the area to support the client, and tapping the head to focus the brain on making the changes 

Sometimes, the body will not release fascial strain in a muscle, bone or organ, without finding specific details, of a stored event or  emotion, via the BodyTalk protocol.

Sometimes, the body seems to hold onto an emotion, event, allergy, belief, until the fascia strain is unwound, via CFT

Combining CranioSacralFascialTherapy with BodyTalk has taken the treatments I offer, to a new level. Clients call to book a BodyTalk treatment, and ask "but please include that fascial work too because thats the part that makes the changes immediate". 

CFT and BodyTalk encourages the body's innate ability to heal itself, in profound ways  






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