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Lee-Ann Connolly, CEO of Thrive Holistic Event Network has been active in the Holistic Healing community for more than a decade both in Cape Town, South Africa and in California, USA. She is a successful practising Reiki Master Teacher and BodyTalk Practitioner in her own right and has been involved in the organization, co-ordination and marketing of seminars, courses, presentations and events in this field, on many occassions at venues around the globe.

As all event co-ordinators do, she realized that to fill event venues with a large, eager audience each time can be challenging, particularly when focusing on a niche market like ours. After much consideration she came to the conclusion that the best way to maximise the exposure of Holistic Healing events is to harness the strength and inter-conectiveness of our own community network.

By providing all members of the international holistic healing community with the means to easily share the news about exciting upcoming events with their friends, family, colleagues, clients and contacts...and rewarding them for their efforts with attractive commissions on their ticket sales, we will empower a virtual "army" of marketers whose sphere of influence lies directly within our precise target market.

To this end she has created Thrive Holistic Event Network, an online advertising resource for Holistic Event Presenters and/or Organizers, where they can list their events completely free of charge, control and manage all aspects of the events (including ticket sales) through a unique online account, and most importantly harness the power of our team of Marketing Partners from within our own community to help in maximizing ticket sales and thereby attendance.


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