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  • I first met Dr Gillespie in 1996 during a lecture he gave to my class at Massage Therapy School. We all sat in awe of his accomplishments. I dreamed of the day i would understand the things he knew and wondered if I would ever have the skills to help people in that way. Seven years later, I found myself in his class. My career direction shifted completely upon completion of his seminar and I knew that focusing on pediatrics was to become my mission. I spent the next four months working pro bono on any child with whom I could get permission to work. Feeling initially mystified, even with my class manual beside me, I just jumped in and began to listen and follow, promising the parents only that I would not do any harm to their precious children. To my joyous surprise and relief, every child I worked with during that time made marked improvements in the area of their initial complaints, some with dramatic results. Now, more than a decade later, CFT has become the core of every session I give. I begin and end each session using Barry’s methods, and incorporate them throughout. I found that
    Christine Holefelder BS, LMT Owner Practitioner
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